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📚 Blocks

Empowering authors to write dynamic, engaging, and immersive content without leaving their editor

Blocks is a rich text editor with all the capabilities of components thanks to MDX. It's a powerful WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) built for the content web. You can choose a Block from an ever-expanding library or even install your own from npm.

What is a Block?

A Block refers to a piece of content or a component. It's a section of your content while a document is a collection of blocks.

Blocks can be simple like a paragraph of text or even a box with a tomato background color. Blocks can be complex like an embedded spreadsheet or a chart that fetches live data.

Blocks provides a UI for you to drop in and modify a Block. However, underneath the covers it's JSX:

# Below is a YouTube video

<Youtube id="1234" />

And a GitHub Gist:

<Gist id="5678" />


  • 📸Customizable: Render your own components, or choose your favorite theme
  • 📨Open and authorable: Underneath it's MDX, not a JSON schema or HTML
  • 🔐Zero lock-in: You own your content, Blocks just makes it nicer to edit
  • 🖼WYSIWYG: See what will be published as you edit